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Biology Transfer Associate Degree

AST Associate of Science Transfer Degree
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Bring your future in biology to life at Clackamas Community College

The Biology Transfer Degree program at Clackamas Community College is the perfect springboard for your bachelor’s degree in biology! Whether you are drawn to the workings of the human body or the wonders of the natural world, this program provides a strong foundation for your success.

Learn biological principles you can apply to a wide range of fields such as bioinformatics, ecology, education, marine biology, medicine, molecular biology, veterinary medicine and more. As a biology major, you will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that allow you to ask questions that lead to a better understanding of the world around you.

Start at Clackamas Community College and save money on your education

By beginning your biology degree at Clackamas Community College, you will have the opportunity to learn in cutting-edge labs from highly qualified faculty while saving money on college tuition.

For detailed description and outcomes for this program, view the course catalog.


Required classes for biology transfer degrees

The Biology Transfer Degree program at Clackamas Community College gives you the core classes you need to succeed in a four-year biology program.

Choose from a variety of transfer options, depending on your goals. 

The Biology Associate of Science Transfer Degree is accepted for transfer at all public universities in Oregon. 

Explore classes in the Biology Associate of Science Transfer Degree.

Are you planning to continue your studies at Portland State University, Oregon State University or University of Oregon? You may be interested in Associate of Science Degree partnerships with these universities.

Explore Clackamas Community College classes for the Biology Associate of Science Degrees with:

Job Outlook

Take the first step in your biology career 

A Biology Transfer Degree opens doors to a range of exciting career paths. Continue your education at a four-year university to earn a bachelor's degree in biology, environmental science or related fields.

Popular career paths in biology include research, medicine, biotechnology, conservation, science education and more. As part of the life, physical and social science occupations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates continued job market growth in biology fields, with median annual wages above $60,000.


Essential skills for your biology bachelor’s degree and beyond

The Biology Transfer Degree program at Clackamas Community College  equips you with the foundational knowledge to excel in a variety of biology fields. You will learn to think like a scientist and delve into core areas like cell biology, genetics, ecology and evolution. 

Through hands-on laboratory experiences, you will gain practical skills in scientific inquiry, data analysis and experimentation. Supportive instructors will guide you as you strengthen your critical thinking, problem-solving and communication abilities — all valuable assets in your biology career.

For more information on expected outcomes of successfully completing this program, view the course catalog.


Investing in your future

Starting your education at Clackamas Community College is a smart choice that saves you money on your path to a bachelor degree from a four-year university.

CCC offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the Portland metro area. To begin building the cost for your program, you can start with the base estimate below. 

This estimate includes the cost of tuition and the general fees applied per class and per academic term. This estimate does not include additional fees required for many courses or the cost of course materials. Contact the program to learn more about additional costs that may apply. 

You can also find more information about the costs of attending CCC on the Tuition and Fees page.

Get help paying for college

Scholarships and grants (free money!) are available for students in this program. For help with financial aid and scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Resource Lab.  


Transfer Options

Map your path to your biology bachelor’s degree 

Clackamas Community College offers a variety of degree options designed to help you transfer to your four-year university of choice.

Are you planning to transfer to Oregon State University, Portland State University or University of Oregon? You can pursue an Associate of Science Degree in biology with specific transfer agreements that apply to the biology programs at these universities.

Are you exploring other universities or unsure where you want to transfer to? The Biology Associate of Science Transfer Degree qualifies you to transfer into any four-year university in Oregon — and provides a solid foundation for many out-of-state transfer options, too.

Our advisors will work with you to explore your transfer options and develop your personalized roadmap to success.

Learn more about transfer degrees 

More and more students are discovering the best place to begin a bachelor's degree is at a community college. Research shows that community college transfer students are equally if not more likely to graduate than other students, including at the most selective universities. Our transfer degrees can fit seamlessly with many four-year degree paths beyond Clackamas. CCC students transfer to a number of in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities, including public and private schools.  

To learn more, visit our Transfer Degrees page

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